Joanna Becker, Australian Wellness Medium-Author

You are returning to love, peace, joy and consciousness.


Welcome! I’m here to help you enjoy life more fully and listen to your intuition as all answers come from within.

I aim to teach other women who may be like me.

Are you a Mum who has felt at some stage, or continues to feel on an ongoing basis:

  • Frustration at not contributing to household income?
  • Not fully present with your kids full-time?
  • Like you are forgetting to eat meals?
  • Conscious of yourself complaining and seeking validation from others and circumstances that you are NOT good enough and that life is not a safe place?
  • Like you are lacking energy and have brain-fog?
  • You are distracted by thoughts of “what is my purpose, how can I help others powerfully and authentically”?
  • Like time is passing too quickly and that there are not enough hours in the day?

I’ve been there too.

You can take a look now at a number of ideas and tools to assist you in understanding the connection between your emotions, behaviour and physical body, and how you can potentially live a healthier and happier life with this empowering knowledge.

This website and all the books in the shop will teach you HOW TO:

  • practise listening to your intuition
  • be present to life and enjoy it more fully
  • release past limiting beliefs – the past has passed
  • walk forward new, and be proud of who you are
  • let love be your compass
  • want the best for yourself
  • know exactly what it is that you want, that is best for yourself.

The ideas and techniques I share and teach arise out of my life experience, certified study as a Meditation Teacher (specialising in parents and children, pre-natal and babies, and meditation for personal development), study for qualified Stress Management Counselling, and from my experience as a clairaudient-medium.

Please enjoy the books and products in my shop.

Coming soon – private Stress Management Counselling Appointments.

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