Joanna Becker is a certified meditation teacher specialising in pregnancy and early childhood meditations and stress relief techniques for parents and children alike. It is her passion to deliver fun, colourful, engaging storybooks for young children and meditation stories that captivate imagination and transport the readers and listeners to a place of wonder where they can gather insight and reflection into their own potential and realise more of the natural beauty in our world.

Do you love The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle? You will love Dusty’s Wonder Bug. Join Dusty and the Wonder Bug on a walk through nature to discover fruit and vegetables.

Dusty’s Wonder Bug is a colourful large print story book set in the country where a curious boy takes a walk with a magical friend The Wonder Bug to learn about the best treats to eat: real food grown in nature, such as fresh vegetables and fruit and pure water. Explore, discover and count carrots, lettuce, herbs, watermelons, tomatoes, beans, strawberries, and enjoy verse about the special contribution from bees, chickens and marine life, in this rich and colourful adventure story for young children.

“When Dusty finds a little house made of sparkling crystals, he knows he is in for a special treat… Join Dusty as he explores the garden with a magical friend, the Wonder Bug, and learn about the best foods to eat every day. What magic trick will the Wonder Bug teach you before the sun sets?”

A story for children written by Joanna Becker and illustrated by Bryn Rayfield. With accompanying education resources: Learn how to compost and make healthy food, design characters and covers for children’s books, identify food groups, tally and graph findings mathematically, draw and get arty, and discuss concepts for literacy development, and much, much more with the accompanying Activity Ebook.

Do you want to teach the Law of Attraction of children in a fun, memorable way using stories?

Max’s Bright Fly is a book about the law of attraction and how it works, in an easy read format for young children and primary school aged children. Joanna intended to provide a way for children to explore their own ability and feel certain about who they are, at a time in life when young children can feel disempowered and lost in a busy, stimulating and chaotic world. It is through this book that Joanna aims to inspire readers, parents and children, teachers and educators, to use their words, imagination, good behavior and sense of fun to improve their life and know that they are solely capable of bringing goodness into their days.

“When Max hears a familiar sound, he knows something powerful is about to happen . . . Join Max as he discovers his magic powers with an inspiring friend, the bright fly, and learn about the magic that’s waiting just for you. What special power will the bright fly give you today?”

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