Help with becoming more positive

Are you looking for help in becoming more positive?

If you have recently discovered my blog, a simple way for me to describe my style is this: I try to understand the way energy influences the behaviour of our children and of us, their parents, and teach our children (and let our children teach us) how to use positive energy.

For example:

Positive energy arises from positive words and actions, which creates more positive behaviour and learning opportunities.
Energy crosses over: a child’s frustrations or anger can influence others around him/her.
Energy can be transformed: the parent or carer diffuses negative energy by shifting it to positive energy. And the parent can allow the child to help transform negative energy into positive energy too.
Thoughts become things: we are teaching children how to create their day with positive attitudes, thoughts and words.
Creating health (body and mind) is a daily activity, we can show our mind and bodies love, respect, care and gratitude.

I also aim to enrich our lives as parents by providing a helpful and positive environment to create the ideal lifestyle. Talent and creativity is within all of us and helping you follow your heart in your parenting style would be a nice side effect of this blog 🙂

We are all creative and are currently writing the scripts for our lives. Tomorrow can be anything we want it to be. So lets make it a day filled with positivity and love – for our families, our health and our future.

Joanna Becker, Author and Wellness Medium

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