Child-led Parenting? Conscious Parenting? Heart-led Parenting?


Child-led Parenting

These parents believe that their child is (1) on a learning adventure; (2) is innocent; (3) makes honest mistakes; (4) seeks education from grown-ups; (5) is equal; and (6) is deserving of our help, respect and honest, unconditional love.

For these parents, teaching with loving kind words and fun always comes first. These parents nurture and encourage:

– curiosity
– creativity
– problem solving
– responsibility
– decision-making and experience
– freedom of speech

So the child can test boundaries and explore life’s many possibilities, to find where he or she will become useful and able to contribute whilst having fun.

With this approach we see, first-hand, children exploring and maturing. They are kind, thoughtful and intelligent. They are actively learning and, because they are empowered to engage, they learn to respect their environment out of love for it. And with respect and love, comes good behavior and positive intellectual development.

The word ‘obedience’ is naturally redundant as the child models the behavior of his parents and peers. The parent knows the environment the child lives in is the greatest teacher, and is there to explain when something is good or bad (morals) or right or wrong (ethics) when it comes to interacting with other children, people, animals, resources and materials, and the environment. The child can depend on the parent, absolutely. Because the parent knows that to LOVE unconditionally is to create a supportive environment for the child to learn by imitation, intuition and discovery and to give the child the gift of discipline so he learns how to identify, set and respect boundaries, both for the well-being of himself as well as the well-being of others around him.

I am often motivated by the idea that children are equals to adults and they deserve respect from birth. Parent and children share an energy, a special spiritual connection that is based in love – and parents can teach their children how to use, grow and transform energy to create their ideal lifestyle. It is an amazing privilege that parents have: to be able to teach a child how to have more positive energy in their life.

Heart-led Parenting

If you embrace heart-led parenting, it means you believe in following instinct, and you trust what your heart is telling you. You let your children inspire you to be innocent, present, care-free, optimistic and joyful.

You believe that every behaviour acted and every word spoken by a toddler or young child comes from a place in their heart, an emotion (energy in motion) and is a genuinely valid communication of what they believe in their heart about life at the time. Even when the behavior or word spoken is negative (such as swearing or bullying), you can recognize your child imitating someone else’s behavior and perhaps seeking their acceptance and approval, so you can lovingly ensure your child knows that “it is not ok”, and that making mistakes such as swearing or bullying happens for everybody sometimes but it must not happen again. Loving your child means you are willing to teach societal norms that will set your child up for a loving, free and flowing smooth-sailing life, free of harmful relationships and unsafe environments (because they do exist, if we do set ourselves on the correct vibration for disharmony and dis-easement).

Conscious Parenting

If you’re a conscious parent, you know there is a difference between listening to your mind and listening to your heart. You’re comfortable to make your own decisions on how to raise your children. You may be less concerned with your children reaching typical milestones associated with success. Instead you focus on assisting your child to learn and explore and express him-or-herself uniquely to reach their own idea of true happiness.

As a conscious parent, you believe you can help your child mature and prosper in current times while listening and following their heart (something that may have been lost over previous generations due to society’s obsession with development, progress and financial wealth or status).

Perhaps most importantly, you recognize very early on that your child has a particular learning style, and you nurture that style.

You understand that a child will learn and grow when comfortable. You help your child get comfortable with encouragement, understanding and gentle parenting techniques.

Spread the word. Let love grow.

Joanna Becker, Author and Wellness Medium

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