A poem explaining how our mind, thoughts and emotions change our body :-)


I wrote this poem in a moment of channeling with my spirit guide, when I was seeking assistance understanding how our emotions and mental patterns influenced our physical health. I hope you can understand and appreciate the messages as much as I did 🙂

There’s a connection in the
Music, in the horses and the
It’s a collection of our
Feelings for Body, Mind, Spirit
As well.
What we don’t often realize is the
Way our carousel spins –
From an energy; it’s a force; it’s
Powered by thoughts,
Your words, your

Listen to the carousel – not the
Music, but the
See how it’s connected,
Top and bottom: the posts are
Your feelings about your Body,
Mind and Spirit are the same,
Riding the same energy,
Its motor spins,
Its power

To change the speed of one horse is to
Change the speed of
The horses move on one path,
Obediently responding to your
They are individually glorious and
Are designed with care and love;
All are similar but different:
Body, Mind, Spirit,
Each horse stands

They will serve you for a
Lifetime and will respect each word you
The momentum speeds up and slows down;
The horses with each other
Yet as you see one horse in
Front and the others disappear,
You forget there are three horses, their
Strong connection, and you forget their

If you want to steer just one horse you
Will actually steer all
Your words and feelings are taking force –
But to you, life’s a
You ignore the power of your words,
It’s not your fault: you just weren’t
Taught. But with a little passion for
Realization, you can heal your
Whole life and be

Respect your deepest feelings
About your body, hear repeating
Think about the effects these words
Have upon your
Could you say the same words have changed
Your spirituality, your mind, too? What is happening
In your life, powered by
Words – your life

Unlock the hidden messages and
Break the special
Choose to change your thoughts and words and
Help 3 horses get
Ask yourself if you can change and
Feel it in your heart, as the
Act of moving one horse will
Shift the

Joanna Becker, Author and Wellness Medium

Copyright. You are welcome to share this article on social media, please include a link to this website. Please contact Joanna Becker for permission to reproduce this article in print.

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