A gift for a little boy turning 1!


Sometimes the off-the-shelf birthday cards just don’t capture the love you feel for a little boy who is turning 1.

So I wrote this poem. Feel free to write your own similar poem taking words as inspiration.

For my nephew / son / friend,

When it came to finding you the perfect birthday gift nothing seemed quite right.

The toys were cute and there were plenty to choose from, but they didn’t say enough.

I want you to know and remember how much I love you now – and always will.

So instead of toys, my birthday present for you is something I believe will work.

It’s a wish and I’ll say it out loud, I’ll write it down to spread it around the world – and that’s the most powerful wish I can make.

Wish 1 – For now

I wish for you to wake each day in a soft, warm bed. A safe house full of sunshine and a feeling of content.

I wish for you abundance of healthy food, so you can grow. Each meal is good nutritious food, you will be strong everywhere you go.

And at night I wish for you to be comforted by your mummy’s warm embrace. Your daddy’s soothing voice, and your sister’s caring face.

Wish 2 – For now and for life

I wish for you safety, friends, mentors and pets.

I wish for you support, skills to barter, experiences and no regrets.

I wish for you faith, enlightenment, peace and inner-strength.

I wish for you laughter, imagination, self-assurance, and dreams you can chase to any length.

My promise
I will always be your gentle auntie amongst your many relatives. I will protect you, guide you, create memories with you, speak kindly to you, and love you, no matter where you live.

You can trust me to always care for you and put you first, just like my own son. I will set a good example and do my best to show you how to live a happy life, starting now, as you turn one.

Joanna Becker, Author and Wellness Medium

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