Skin talk for the ladies who put everyone else before themselves 🤰🏼 💗

I’ve just tuned in to the live video of the 1st day in a 10-day Glow Challenge and have to say, I’m looking forward to having this community conversation and learning if what I’m doing with my skin is as good as it can be. I only want to be as beautiful as a mermaid in this lifetime 🧜🏻‍♀️ That’s not too much to expect is it? 🤣 💜 I feel I’m doing much better this year with extra powdered berries and vegan omegas plus a very simple twice-daily vegan skin-care ritual, and my hormonal acne and scarring is gone now thankfully (at just 34 years young, I finally found a way to have clear skin ! Hooray!)So my fairies. If you aren’t a customer in tribal wellness private support and you want to join the fb page you can give me a buzz and I can help you get access 💗

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

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