5 Recipes: Chicken Roast, Chicken Gravy, Chicken Broth, Chicken Meatloaf, Chicken Soup (all with one chicken!)

Last year I started eating chicken bone broth. I found the best way to cook chicken bone broth, was to roast the chicken and roast vegetables FIRST, then cook the bones afterwards in a broth, with vinegar, for 24 hours.

The commonly recommended method of making chicken bone broth – otherwise known as “chicken stock” – is to put the whole raw chicken into the slow cooker with vinegar for 24 hours. My issue with this is that the chicken flesh is tasteless and un-appetizing after being slow-cooked with the bones for 24 hours! All the broth has the yummy flavour – and you can use the broth as your stock towards Italian meals, Asian meals, any meal that uses chicken or vegetable stock.

– Ramen

– Spaghetti with Tomato Passata

– Minestrone Soup

– Spring Onion soup

– Gyoza Dumpling soup

– Creamy mushroom soup.

– and so on.

But I wanted a recipe to get around the bland-chicken + tasty stock problem. I wanted to find a way to use the WHOLE chicken in a bone broth and still be able to eat and enjoy the chicken meat in a hearty family meal.

For those who do have a family culture and comfortable mindset towards raising and eating healthy chickens, I hope you enjoy this idea. I totally understand this isn’t for everyone who follows this blog.

Why would I even include a chicken bone broth recipe on my website? Well – Chicken bone broth is recommended for adults, children and the elderly with allergies, arthritis, food intolerances, asthma, skin issues or otherwise healing from an illness, flu, inflammatory or leaky gut condition. The minerals in dissolved bones of chicken (reportedly even more-so than beef) are said to “support the immune system with healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline. … In addition, collagen supports healthy skin and can reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

I have enjoyed learning how to make and eat chicken bone broth and I did find it was a major component of my recovery from a bad long-term allergic reaction called mammalian-meat allergy (do you know someone who was bitten by a tick and subsequently developed an allergy towards red meat, or general illness? If so, you might like to share my blog with that person).

Chicken Meat Loaf with Gravy, Corn, and Sweet Potato (or any roast vegetables)

(Cut up the chicken loaf into bite-sizes pieces and mix through the tasty gravy goodness, for little kiddies to enjoy)


You will need a whole chicken + apple cider vinegar + onion + garlic + 1 egg + Italian herbs + tomato paste + tamari + mustard + seasonal salt + SR flour* + at least 3 kinds of roasting vegetables + ghee

*gluten-intolerant or coeliac requirement, of course, go ahead and substitute SR flour with rice, soy, or other flour, of your preference. I would have done-so last year when in the midst of a “low inflammation, rebuild my gut wall” diet.


Cook one whole organic chicken in the oven like you would for a traditional roast chicken.

Cook your roast vegetables. I cut sweet potato and corn cobs, which I then wrapped in foil to retain the juiciness in the oven. Carrot, whole onion, pumpkin, potatoes and parsnips are other great family-pleasers you might like to cut for roasting. Don’t use corn if you are suffering with high-inflammatory-responses to food, use pumpkin instead.

– After your roast chicken and vegetable dinner, separate the chicken flesh from the bones. To do this, lift out the whole chicken into a bowl and use a fork to separate all bones and chicken meat into separate bowls.

– Cook chicken bones in the crock pot or slow cooker for 24 hours. To do this, boil a large jug of water, add it to the electric crock pot along with the whole chicken, and add 2-4 capfuls of apple cider vinegar. Set the timer for 24 hours. I did this at dinnertime, with a view to eat it the following dinner. Part-way through cooking (at around the 15th-hour), top up with freshly boiled water, and add a quartered onion and 3 sliced garlic cloves.

Save some chicken broth for making gravy. Just set aside 250ml of broth from the crock-pot in a cup.

Make the chicken meatloaf. With leftover roast chicken meat from the night before, you can place all the chicken flesh in a food processor. Add Italian herbs, tomato paste, mustard, minced garlic, one egg, 1/2 cup of SR flour*, seasonal salt, and a generous splash of tamari. You can add more for more flavour! Like shredded carrot, minced ginger, turmeric, cumin, onion, ghee and mushrooms. Add more SR Flour* while the processor is running, only until you reach a bread-dough consistency while your food processor is still running. Tip out your “dough”onto a sheet of Baking Foil and gently spread, with your hands, into a flat dough about twice the thickness of a pizza dough. Close the foil over the meat loaf dough. Place it on the oven tray and surround with your roasting vegetables. Set timer for 40 minutes. Make the gravy. To do this, add 1 table spoon of ghee to a saucepan, with 1 table spoon of SR flour*, and stir while it gets hot. Then pour in the cup of reserved chicken broth and whisk with a fork until it’s nicely blended (a minute or so). Turn off the heat and stir-through a splash of tamari and some salt and pepper. Season to taste.

Plate up! Retrieve the chicken meat loaf from the oven, slice the meat loaf thickly and serve onto plates, with a serving of gravy. Maybe you have even added some steamed green vegetables (peas, broccoli, beans) to the plate as well by this stage.

NB: The meat-loaf consistency does resemble sausage. Which is nice if you are allergic to red meat (mammalian meat allergy) and haven’t eaten a chicken sausage in a year or 3!

TOMORROWyou have a number of choices. When your chicken broth has finished cooking, all the small bones should have mostly dissolved and if they are not yet dissolved, you can strain them out, or add them into a small blender with water to break them up finely, before returning them to the broth. I like to take these tiny little bones and any remaining flesh out – as by now, the goodness is all in the stock.

What I usually do is set a container of broth into the freezer for cooking a meal later.

I also drink a serving of the soup straight from the crock pot immediately, or add a cup to poached eggs for breakfast – as shown in the top photo. Adding buk-choy and tomatoes is yummy too.

I also add another bowl into the fridge for drinking later.

It is oily drinking straight broth! But so good for you and quite tasty.

The remainder in the pot stays in the pot, and I add lots of delicious vegetables and more garlic and onion, and set the timer for another 6-8 hours to be ready for dinner. My family loves Chicken Broth Vegetable Soup for dinner and I bet yours does too!

I hope you found this helpful 🙂 Thank you to my reader who asked about Bone Broth and asked me to write this idea out for you.

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

© Copyright 2018.

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