This week: visit a local food garden

It’s Winter in the southern hemisphere and if you are lucky enough to be in Australia or nearby, you will be enjoying the beautiful bounty of citrus on the trees. It is a magical sight, one that children and parents both love!

So remember to eat your fruit that is growing on your own trees for this season as it will not be there forever! And also buy the fruit which is in season, along with the vegetables that are in season, from your local growers and produce markets.

If possible, visit a friend’s property, a neighbour’s property, a local community garden, or a local farm, and go for a tour around. Enjoy the sights, smells and tastes and enjoy their bounty. People love to share what is growing in their edible garden – they truly do. You can improve a friend’s day just by taking an interest in their special interest. Even if it is visiting their chookhouse!

So make a time to visit a friend, neighbour or local farm, and if none of these are possible, then see what local businesses open up to the public to allow patrons to walk through their growing areas and aisles.

Take the kids along for a day outing, pick your own food, buy what you can and enjoy the sweet and savoury flavours in your home-made meals this week.

This week open up your eyes to the wonder of food, which is growing around you.

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Let love be your compass. 

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

© Copyright 2018.

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