The power of acknowledging what you have accomplished so far this year

Last month I shared a message on Free Birds Author Services website – this is where I offer a professional proofreading and editing service for authors and DIY self-publishers. The message was that it was time to take a week of rest, gather yourself and get organised with home finances, and write a list of what you have accomplished already this year. You can read the full message here.

Before I shared this message and applied it to my own life, I had not realised what amazing accomplishments had taken place in the first 6 months of this year already.

I have shared my list as a bit of fun honesty below. I strongly encourage you to write a list yourself. It’s a great way to gather yourself in the present moment and acknowledge just how super-human you really are.

The other side effect, is that I’m feeling truly excited to see what surprises take place in the next 6 months. Along with the plan of what I want to achieve … what amazing accomplishments will I be able to write about at the completion of 2018? Go ahead, write your own list and enjoy your day more! 🙂


Joanna Becker
Australian Author

Journal Entry: July 2018 – What did I accomplish in the first half of 2018?

  • Improvements in my home space with new colours, furniture changes, decorations and an overall ambience of peace, harmony and love.
  • I have written a monthly angelic reading for DIY authors and self-publishers with angels assistance, wow!
  • I have also written several blogs on eating real food and helping people feel motivated towards feeding their family and enjoying life.
  • I have had a rest from my study and rested my body as well through pregnancy
  • I have carried a baby to over six months gestation in my belly, including all the dr appointments, blood tests, and research into diet and vitamins. I changed my diet to help my body thrive in pregnancy and to give my baby all the nutrients it needs.
  • I have edited a book for a new friend and earned money, and I have proofread a book for another friend, and earned money.
  • I have enjoyed new friendships with 3 new authors who I have made the effort of getting to know, support, and learn from.
  • I have maintained friendships that are meaningful and special, and my children have made meaningful friendships.
  • I have supported our family business in becoming streamlined, prosperous and efficient.
  • I have enjoyed a nourishing relationship with my husband and felt our connection deepen and strengthen.
  • I have sold a car, and started driving a new car.
  • I have cleaned up the situation with the chickens and have enjoyed home-grown eggs as a result.
  • I have enjoyed the company of brand new kittens, enhanced the life of a new friend by sharing a kitten.
  • I have started my sons in a martial arts class and consistently delivered them to their class on time, for their enjoyment and education.
  • I have delivered a homeschooling program in accordance with my objectives and looking forwards to our next meeting.
  • I have maintained a respectful distance from those people who are not healthy for my personality and stage in life, and I have continued to assert my voice and maintain, and set, healthy boundaries.
  • I have read a meaningful and enjoyable book for my own recreation.
  • I have played the piano, and taught my 2 sons how to play a piano tune.
  • I have published a new children’s book with a new print/marketing supplier
  • I am listed as a children’s book author in the Hay House international bookstore – a dream come true!

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