Reduce cholesterol in 3 months.

To look at me, I’m usually pretty slim and active. But no one knows that as a skinny beach-bum teenager, my bad cholesterol was 7.2 LDL.

My mum did a great job helping me get it down through diet to 5.8 which was the lowest I could achieve that year, and I committed to never be deceived by a slim body again.

I haven’t invested too much thought or concern into the cholesterol issue since it was said it was possibly a medical measurement based on untruths. But still, what my mum helped me do back then showed up in fluid/weight loss around my thighs, less acne, more energy and diminished (finally) symptoms of glandular fever, after 3-4 years of this “viral illness” that’s supposed to last just 6 weeks.

Now, 34 years old, I take these plant powders in a vegan capsule, every day.

I discovered them when I was 31 and wished I had known much earlier in my life, especially as they’d been around for almost 20 years already.

If you are one of my readers who hasn’t yet joined me, consider – don’t miss out any longer.

This is to accompany a good, balanced, pre-existing healthy diet.

It’s not an “eat healthy OR take capsules” choice. It’s “add it in to your current lifestyle”.

Imagine the improvement you might see – or at the very least, the peace of mind you might gain.

Clinical research indicating how effective these capsules are:

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Joanna Becker, Australian Author

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