Free Online Event tonight – Inflammation as the root cause of almost all health problems

Inflammation is the root cause of almost all health problems. Arthritis and joint pain, digestive issues like IBS and Crohns, cardiovascular problems, brain and nervous system disorders, weak immune system, weight gain to name a few.

In this info-packed FREE webinar, find out what causes inflammation and how you can take simple measures in just a few minutes each day to alleviate the symptoms.

I’m a mum. I’m also a sister, a daughter, cousin, friend and auntie. Almost everyone I know is touched by some kind of health problem listed above.

Why do I attend these seminars? Because what I learn, I can share. If I can share just one piece of advice to someone I love and care about, it usually it means a lot to them that I did. You can do this too.

Allow me to introduce you to the wellness specialists who are running this free event – comment below or contact me for the access code to join for free.

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

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