Transformation Photo Candidates – be in it to win a share of $2,500

Deadline to register: 15th October 2018

Do you see those transformation photos on social media – those before and after shots – and think “I’d never do that”.

Last month, I reflected on the last few years. I decided to look for a visible difference in my body from the fruit, vegetable, berry and whole food plant powders I’d been buying and eating daily for almost 3 years. I found the difference easily, and I put together before and after photos and shared them with my Wellness colleagues in the Tribal Wellness Private preview group.

A share of $2,500 could be yours when you decide to register by 15th October and you share your transformation with TWM.

Would you be willing to share your before and after shots, not publicly on social media, but in a private group of people like you who are serious about upgrading their health?

My transformation story is already published. Will you join me?

I’m inviting you now: experience what thousands of everyday people and health professionals, including me, have experienced in the last 3 years, and transform your body and inner health with the same products and program.

☀️ Joining the Tribal Wellness 6 Week Summer Shred puts you in the running for $2,500 in cash prizes.

You must take before and after photos and measurements and share your transformation story with our program so my colleagues – naturopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, health presenters, and so on, can use your awesome example for potential promotion/sharing.

You must choose from 1 of 6 product packages to access the challenge made up of vegan plant shakes, fruit, vegetable and berry chewables or vegan capsules. Browse the products here, make your selection, then you will hear back from me on your qualification to register and win.

This is all about springing into summer with the body, health & energy you desire & deserve!

💚 Manage your brain fog & your zest to get out of bed

🧡 Sculpt the body you desire & deserve for summer

💜 Shed unwanted toxins from your body

💙 Step into Summer with your beach bod feeling amazing on the inside & out

❤️ Increase your nutritional and body fitness

The Challenge Includes:

🍉 Eating Guides

😋 Whole Food Recipes To Nourish Your Body

💪 Daily At Home or Gym Workout Sessions

🥦 Webinars with our Tribal In House Nutritionists & PT’s to help you get the results you are looking for

🤗 Lifetime access to our Tribal Wellness Program & Support

💫 PLUS $2,500 in prize money for the Top 3 Health & Body Transformations 💵

You must register by October 15th.

I’ve recently given birth to a beautiful little girl, and am sneaking in a little computer time while she naps, so I’d like to chat with you about your goals and budget by email (no phone, please). To get started and provide your email to me for a confidential chat, fill in your details as explained on this page.

Speak to you soon,

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

© Copyright 2018.

Nb: $2,500 prize money is Australian Dollars.

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