Skin healing after chemical SLS or SLES damage

Do you check your soap, shampoo and toothpaste products for SLS – sodium laurel sulphate and SLES – sodium laureth sulphate? Even those products with an organic brand?

I accidentally bought a Shampoo containing SLES a fortnight ago. It said organic in the brand and I trusted the natural images and overall environmentally-friendly claims. I was making an online order for delivery and couldn’t read the ingredients, but gave it a go to save me taking my newborn out to the store. When I received it, busy with baby life, I didn’t even check it before I used it, which was silly considering I have my newborn on my skin permanently at the moment.

How does an organic brand include chemicals like SLS & SLES?

If you check out the website of the product with “Organic” in the brand name, you may find it does not use organic ingredients after all and they say something like this:

“Our formula combines today’s technology with plant-derived ingredients to revitalise and restore body and shine to your hair. Across our household cleaning and personal care offerings, our unwavering aim is to combine the best in green attributes with product qualities that succeed in meeting users performance expectations, along with outstanding value for money.”

The damage of SLS & SLES

After using the shampoo, the skin on my face rapidly dehydrated and developed sandpaper-like bumps. It became pronounced overnight and I tossed and turned, conscious of the growing dry irritation on my face and wondering what was happening. The next day it worsened and I didn’t want to see anyone. Although it apparently wasn’t noticeable, I could definitely see the fine bumps covering my normally-smooth complexion, and it felt awful.

I think the SLES chemical stripped the healthy flora and oil from my complexion and even damaged the pores and glands that produce oil – the sebaceous glands produce sebum to lubricate and moisturize skin and hair. After some research I’ve come to realise that this happens to most people who use products containing SLS & SLES.

You can read more about the chemical side-effects of SLS here.

Apparently SLS are used in clinical trials to make skin dry out, purposefully, so new cosmetic products and moisturizers can be tested for effectiveness!

I also experienced dandruff. I’m guessing anti-dandruff shampoos would not be needed if SLS were not present in shampoos? One product creating another and a whole toxic industry.

The real natural remedy

After 24 hours I decided to treat my face with Vegan Omegas, which I usually swallow with water everyday. The ingredients, unlike fish oil, are all plant based:

I simply cracked open the vegan capsule in my hand, combined it with a vegan probiotic capsule, and smeared the blend all over my face.

The relief was instant. My face became hydrated, moist and cool.

I continued to spread 1 omega oil capsule on my face every day for 4 days to normalize my complexion (without the probiotic), and by the 7th day my skin was back to normal. In the meantime I enjoyed a lovely deep moisturized glow on my face that rivaled my best vegan make-up and I decided to use the omega oil INSTEAD of my makeup foundation permanently, It was an easy decision, because of the sensational vanilla & fruity aroma in the vegan omega, that lasted for hours on my face.

I recommend…

Have these vegan omegas in your pantry and take 2 capsules daily with water, and try some of the “glow” treatments in my affiliates support page. Especially helpful if you:

🍇Suffer from skin inflammation & conditions,

🧡Would love to clear stubborn pimples or acne,

🍇Have muscular or joint pain / inflammation and are looking for a 100% plant based anti-inflammatory option that ACTUALLY works,

🧡Those who would love to improve their brain, gum + eye health,

🍇Those who suffer with gut health or IBS inflammation,

🧡Are looking for more vibrant, healthy skin with noticeable elasticity and a smoother feel,

🍇 Would love healthier, longer and stronger hair.

Not only does the Vibrance Package work beautifully inside your body, but because our skin absorbs everything we put on it just as much as our intestinal tract does, the “vibrance DIY recipes” are provided to try at home when you receive your beautiful bundle in the mail.

With the change of seasons now in full force, now is the perfect time to be taking care of our skin from the inside and out.

Connect back with me if you would like more information (after reading this) on how you can get started 🍉🥝 my email address is

What do you think of the recipes below? Do you do something similar and do you have recipes to share?

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

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