Spray-free Blueberries

Blueberries are a concern with the chemical sprays right. Our family used to eat a LOT of blueberries. When we travelled for 9 months in a Jayco we took only a few basic survival remedies: lavender, tea tree & eucalyptus oils, bi-carb & vinegar, soap nuts and we bought lots of fresh blueberries to eat from many organic farmers markets across NSW, Vic and Tassie. These got us through! So simple.

Since 2015 I’ve not been spending our spare cash on fresh non-organic blueberries: we’ve been taking extra blueberries in dehydrated, encapsulated form, farm-fresh with no chemical contaminants whatsoever. They are considered to be better than organic and are handy in a vegan capsule & clip-lock container to last the distance.

I’ve run out! Why?

Last Thursday I had come down with a cold and so had my 7-week old bubby girl Oceana. I remembered berries. I took an additional SIX of the capsules before bed on Friday. And I woke up clear. I’ve had no cold since. I knew by me taking it, it would help Oceana through my breast milk. She’s been fine since Saturday night too.

2 weeks earlier I felt mastitis coming on. Chills, tingles, sore, ladies you know it. I took 6 berry capsules before bed & emptied breasts. Bingo, mastitis gone.

The bottle comes as a 4 month supply, with directions to eat two a day. But I take EXTRA.

🍇 Feed them to kids (my boys stir them into water) whenever they want, ie, twice a week minimum.

🍇 mix them with Omega Oils to restore healthy skin on face (I did recently after SLES damage)

🍇 Add to any drink or smoothie as you would normal blueberries/strawberries

🍇 eat liberally because kids think they’re fun

I’m hence plugging these right before I place my own order tonight because THEY ARE DECENT, GOOD and MAKE SENSE 😍

Join me. I can place an order for you.

Send me a quick email at joannabecker@freebirdsauthors.com

Keep kids well!! 🍇

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

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