2019 Vision Boards for when you want to say “I want to live my best life in 2019”

Vision boards (dream boards) don’t have to be all NEW things. The things you treasure, love and value the most presently can be the feature. Your favourite things, your close family, and what’s most important to your close family, is often what makes up most of our own lives.

1. Patchwork Vision Board

This patchwork vision board is done like this: you divide up the A3 page into your closest family members, and for each person starting with yourself you draw a few icons of what is most meaningful to you/or to them, in your view right now. This then comes together to display a canvas of icons, colour, values, goals. Here are a few close up photos: you can really enjoy quickly sketching something that’s close to your heart.

This one is done with watercolour pencils. Add dot borders with black and white markers.

2. “I Love” canvasses

Create “I love” posters – something to do by yourself and if your kids discover you and take interest, invite them to create their own.

The questions to ask are: “What do I adore most in life? What gets me out of bed?”

Then colour with crayons, and add dot borders with black and white markers.

After you have found what you love with this activity, you can brainstorm the careers and opportunities that cross over many of these activities.

I wonder: Do your activities look a bit like mine? Do you love what I love? Then send me an email (joannabecker@freebirdsauthors.com) to find out how I create an income doing what I love and living my best life in 2019. You can do what I do.

3. “What is success?” Brainstorm

What about those days when you get news that floors you, distracts you, makes you wonder what is the meaning of life, how can you give it your best?

Or what about when you ask yourself the question – “how can I create an income doing what I love?”

Well first we must find what you love most (see above). Then we are inspired to feel into your reason for being… your reason for living, to go into that “core essence” place. And deeply connect with that.

The next question to feel into is:

What gives you your greatest sense of disappointment? And what gives you your greatest sense of joy? (They are the same thing)

  • If you can’t do it, given the perfect opportunity, you feel immensely flat.
  • And if you can do it, given the perfect opportunity, you feel immensely elated.

Then go on to complete this sentence:

“I am here because I want to feel  …. <what do you want to feel>?”

(Your answer to the above sentence is the feeling you achieve when you have your greatest sense of joy.

To either side of this statement, brainstorm at least 6 ways you presently do this, and another 4 you would like to do.

I wonder: Do you define success similarly to me? Is your reason for living similar to mine? Then send me an email (joannabecker@freebirdsauthors.com) to find out how I create an income. You can do what I do.

This one also done with crayons, and black and white pen markers.

Enjoy your visioning and getting colourful!

Having vision boards like these displayed on your wall is a great way to come back down to earth when life surprises and gives you LIFT OFF and you start spiraling without direction or your feet on the ground… 🌏🌍🌎💫

A prayer to help you get started and channel into the core of your self (if you are feeling particularly detached at the moment!)

Dear My Self. The highest of who I am. The ultimate source of Is-ness. My Goddess of my Being. The wondrousness of who I am, and everything that I will be.

I would like to talk to you about my work. I understand that everything in this life is of my creation, and is my perception of a reality in which I have been the creator for. I understand that I get to choose all events and scenarios, in addition to how I respond to them. I understand that there are others in my life who also know they are the creators, and others who do not, and all of them are merely mirrors into my own sense of self-worth and purpose. So, with this all in mind, and knowing that it is all a mirror, merely to reflect to me the lessons and the opportunities to learn, I would like to seek out some meaning in my purpose and service to others, the purpose for my being-ness. I am looking to make good use of my time. The perfect use of my time. I would like to say, “I have time for this now”, because it is my purpose.

 If everything is a mirror, and a creation that I have purposefully designed, and I were to be given everything that I have in my life right now for free – knowing this is all just for playing with. It is all for me to have fun. Then in which way can I have fun, the most? Remembering that all people and places can all be seen as a figment of my imagination and I can choose what I want to do, absolutely.

How do I want to imagine my reality to be, if I can be and do absolutely anything? Does this give me a good sense of purpose and achievement and fulfillment to believe that I am doing these things in my mind, right now? 

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

© Copyright 2018.

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