Healing Broth Recipe

About 2 years ago I was looking online for natural remedies for cough, natural remedies for cold and flu, natural remedies for tonsillitis. I came across a blog written by a mum who had used this recipe as a natural remedy for whooping cough. I loved the idea and it became a staple in my home both as a preventative and as a remedy for viral infections, such as colds, flu, and even as a preventive and soother for asthma.

I’ll go even further and say that if my crock pot isn’t cooking a soup, stew or chicken broth, it has this mulled juice cooking. And my crock pot is running for about 4 days of every week.

Without getting too specific on the ingredients, as they can change every time depending on what you have available in your local store, produce basket, or garden, you simply cook fruit and juices and spices in your crock pot for 24-48 hours and continue to ladle it out over that time to enjoy the warm, nourishing, sweet and invigorating mulled juices.

  • Cranberry juice
  • Pears in pear juice
  • Plums in plum juice
  • Sparkling grape or apple juice
  • Slices of fresh orange or mandarin pieces
  • Squished out pulp of kiwi fruit, feijoa berries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas (any fruit pulp)
  • Star anise, cinnamon stick, whole nutmeg, slices of ginger, or similar
  • Try it in Summer, too, when there is a breakout of viruses in warm, damp weather. Add essential oils like rosemary and oregano for extra immunity and prevent spread of germs.

    Non-alcoholic wine option! Mulled fruit juice with a tin of whole plums in juice, pears in juice, sparking apple and grape juice, and spices like star anise, cloves and ginger is a super party-pleaser especially for mums who otherwise miss out on a special social drink. You can serve it warm in a mug. Or let it sit on the bench in a glass jug until it’s room temperature to enjoy like a regular wine (drink within the hour).

    You can refrigerate mulled fruit juice and serve to children at parties as a great party drink for kids. Serve it chilled with orange slices, kiwi fruit slices or floating strawberries.

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