2020 Vision Boards – use your phone!

Ok mums. And everyone else who is really short on time and low on resources. I mean – all best intentions aside, do you REALLY have a poster board ready plus scissors and magazine photos to make your 2020 vision board?

It’s 2020!! | Vision Board | Dream Board | Manifestation Board HACK

I have a 15 month old lovely toddler and she eats my glue, tears up my paper, and confiscates the mouse and keyboard when I do much as look at my computer 😪

But she’s been asleep on my lap for 2 hours and I took advantage by using my iPhone and a couple of good FREE apps to make my vision board. And then I connected (Wi-Fi) to my printer and pressed PRINT. Now all I need is blue-tack to affix my printer sheets to my bedroom wall … and my work here is done!

Could this work for you? Vision Board Hack.

Step 1

Write out your goals for this year.

My BFF from high school Bianca Pare gave a great short presentation on Facebook within her Doterra Oils Community (side note – I highly recommend Bianca, contact me to connect if you desire more essential oils in your life as she is a woman I love to recommend – right on top of all the deals, discounts and promo’s).

Her presentation gave me a simple to-do list and here it is repeated just for you. This has been enormously helpful in getting my brain into New Years Resolution space, to start the year strong.

1. Write out your goal for the next 30 days. Something simple – make lunches everyday in advance, or something major, enjoy your international travel. Whatever works for you.

Do this again for your 60-day goal, 90-day goal, then a 6-month goal, and 12-month goal. You may have a few goals for each timeframe. If you would like guidance through this process message me on Facebook (Joanna Becker Author Page) or Instagram, or comment below, and I can connect you to Bianca’s shirt video tutorial.

2. Go onto google, and search for photos that are good representations of your goals. Also collect some photos of your favourite people and places from the canera roll on your phone.

3. Use the Instagram Layout App to arrange a few photos at a time in an appealing layout. You will need to do this several times over to be able to utilize all your goal photos … I liked to have just 3 photos on each layout collage. The. Export the Layout images into your camera roll.

4. Use the Over App to write over each collage image with extra exciting and empowering words to prompt you of your goal. Export there final canvasses to your camera roll.

5. Finally, open a new Over file with a page size that is Portait A4 (to match your printer) and insert 2 of your just-made canvasses – one higher and one lower. You can do this until all your canvasses are on print ready pages. Export your print-ready A4 canvasses to your camera roll.

6. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi then open your phone images, select each A4 canvass and press print.

My dream board canvasses are below to give you an idea 🤗

Have a great, productive, powerful, purposeful, rewarding year … in whichever way these words are meaningful to you. I love you!

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