The MMA (Mammalian Meat Allergy) Nutrition Community

My husband, 3 children and I live on a 25-acre homestead, on the coastal strip of regional mid-north coast NSW, called Brindabella. It’s here that we run our home business, homeschool our children, take care of our pet Speckled Park cows, Arabian horses, ducks, chickens, cats, and dogs and learn how to grow plants for eating to complement the local supply of fresh, organic vegetables, herbs and fruits we are blessed to have delivered to our doorstep from local farming cooperatives.

After learning to live with mammalian meat allergy (MMA), it became ever so much more important for us to adopt what’s often called a “Quasi-Vegetarian” diet as well as ensure we had our own food ready to pull from the ground and add to the plate.

The MMA Nutrition Community is a way for you to find friendship and solace in a private network of other likeminded people who have had their life suddenly change following tick bite or diagnosis of Mammalian Meat Allergy (which is an alpha-gal carbohydrate allergy) from paralysis tick bite.

The Community dedicated to healing and living bravely with mammalian meat (alpha-gal) allergy onset after tick bite

Thank you for joining us. My goal here is to create a community of friends, and encouragement to prioritise our health so we can live a beautiful, empowered lifestyle all the while enjoying tasty, satisfying and nutritious recipes that suit our special dietary needs.

Of course, if you have not experienced any negative side effects of tick-bite and are simply looking for a renewal lease on life with plant-based recipes and vegan style nutrition, for any of the valid personal or altruistic reasons to have a plants-based diet, you are also welcome!

What does the community include?

  • Plant based ingredient recommendations and meals specific for wellness and recovery and especially beneficial after tick-bite and diagnosis of MMA
  • Private MMA Nutrition Community Group for connection and conversation on Facebook

This community is 100% free for you to be apart of. Sign up for the email list to receive a free menu planner and a short list of my favorite kitchen tools for a predominately plant-based menu suitable for all the family.

If you are new to suffering ill-effects from MMA (Mammalian Meat Allergy also known as alpha-gal), please take hope from my words and the opportunity to you listed above. I earnestly believe it is possible to turn a corner to gain a new quality of life. What once felt like an impossible situation for me, living meal to meal in fear for several years, became an opportunity to give myself the kind of nurturing I had never received in my entire life, full of rich opportunities to learn and connect with people and ideas I may never have considered prior-tick-bite. And incredibly, now, I would not choose to take away what happened to me (“for me”) as it has helped to create a life I am very grateful for, that fills me full of hope that our outdoor environment is beautiful and designed specifically to help and serve us in both the short and long term.

You are welcome to reply email me anytime with questions you have to help you on your particular journey back to normal life, and even beyond into an improved, empowered lifestyle you can be grateful for. To do so, sign up to my EMAIL LIST and when you receive the welcome email, simply reply and say hello.

Best Wishes,


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