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Hello, thanks for popping by! I am a certified Meditation Teacher specializing in pregnancy and early childhood meditations and stress-relief techniques for parents and children alike. It is my passion to deliver fun, colourful , engaging storybooks for young children and meditation stories that captivate imagination and transport the readers and listeners.

In 2014, I published my first children’s book Dusty’s Wonder Bug. More than 500 copies sold in the first 6 months during our promotional road trip down the eastern coastal strip of Australia and around Tasmania.

Then in 2015, our life changed direction to match our dreams. My husband, Tim, and I purchased a 25-acre homestead on the coastal strip of regional mid-north coast NSW and started learning how to grow our own food (you can follow my food blog The Quasi-Vegetarian Homestead & MMA Nutrition Community) and YouTube channel

We started home educating our children (we now have 3 children aged 2, 8 and 11 years old) and developing creative programs and resources – available at the Home Educating Mums website.

We became entrepreneurs, establishing our business in earthmoving and machinery hire (we now have modern equipment, employees and a community-focused service we are passionate about).

I graduated from Meditation Teacher college and released 30 free mp3’s of direct-light channeled meditations, a “How To Meditate Guide” and the Parenting Energies online program.

In an unexpected life lesson, in 2015, I was bitten by a paralysis tick and developed the rare Mammalian Meat Allergy (alpha-gal allergy) so, because of my new dietary needs, our goals with growing more of our own food and understanding regenerative farming and permaculture, and my excitement to promote Dusty’s Wonder Bug to parents mindful of teaching their kids about growing real food in nature, I partnered with a huge online community of people transforming their health and lifestyles with fruits, vegetables, grains, plant-based omegas and berries by making one simple lifestyle change at a time. You are welcome to join my private community with support resources for people bitten by a tick – The Quasi-Vegetarian Homestead & MMA Nutrition Community

I wrote about the process of writing, editing and proofreading, and producing books as a self-publisher, and presented at a workshop alongside best-selling author Karly Lane, then published a 12-month Author’s Annual Planner using Crystals, in the Free Birds Authors Online Program.

I published Max’s Bright Fly, my second children’s book, with Balboa Press and started working with Hay House’s exclusive publishing division.

I enrolled in further studies to become a certified Stress Management Facilitator and Science of Life Spiritual Counsellor and Healer (ongoing).

Way back, prior to 2015, I supported women through pregnancy and early parenting with books, blogging, guest-presentations, and workshops in holistic care as well as creative writing. I collected 33 birth stories from mothers who enthusiastically agreed to help me spread the message that all kinds of child-birth are perfect and self-love is first priority.

Previous to this, I independently supported not-for-profit organisations with copywriting and marketing communications or strategy including ADMA, and Little Souls. My work with business clients including Happy Swimmers enabled them to brand and professionally launch their global business service in reversing infertility, naturally and holistically using whole foods and meditation. And, with the new brand schema, logo, social media accounts and office administration materials I produced, Harris Home Improvements were able to launch a sophisticated home renovations service in the hub of the Gold Coast.

Way way back: Between 2001 and 2010, I was employed at one of Australia’s largest and most successful international direct mail marketing companies in Queensland’s sunny tourism city, the Gold Coast, overseeing campaign roll-out to over 26 countries in 6 languages for wealth opportunity and lifestyle products. My work was always about improving life for the better, striving for positive outcomes and believing in positive change. In addition to leading the benchmark standard for promoting Australian 6/45 Lotto internationally for 10 years, I was also a key member in the Marketing Communications Team for Mater Prize Homes as well as the not-for-profit organisations Variety: The Children’s Charity, Cancer Council NT, the RSPCA, and the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA). Campaigns I worked on included:

  • RSPCA’s A Million Paws Walk
  • Cancer Council’s Relay For Life
  • Variety Bash
  • Variety Splash
  • Starlight Foundation’s Annual Starlight Ball

During this time I also studied and received cetifications for:

  • Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Management
  • Diploma in Public Relations & Event Management
  • Certificates in Copywriting, Creative Writing, and Journalism
  • ADMA’s Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Certificate in Project Management
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

And, the future? From 2021, I can’t wait to add value and encouragement to people through new books, and sharing more of these offerings:

  • The Quasi-Vegetarian Homestead – specially created to support people with Mammalian Meat Allergy and/or plants-based diets
  • Dusty’s Wonder Bug, Max’s Bright Fly and Creative Kids Activity Pack available for FREE through the NSW Creative Kids Program at the following website:
  • Ldeelra Waork’s messages at – the recently formed Light Being family I am channelling to share wisdom, support and guidance in these transforming times.
  • Our earthmoving service in our local community, real earthy work!

Blessings for a wonderful 2021… keep your eyes on the stars above and your feet anchored in our planet, I’m sure your future is going to be amazing xx

Thanks for visiting,

Joanna Becker