Joanna Becker

Joanna Becker writes books for children to improve their health and understanding of life, but unlike a lot of kids’ books where the parent can understand the moral of the story, and the main message sort of goes over the kids' heads, Joanna makes it easy for kids with Q and A’s, bright illustrations and interaction. One is called Dusty’s Wonder Bug, and another is Max’s Bright Fly.

10 Ways to have a time-out even if you’re a stay at home mum (switch off the flight or fight response)

If you’re committed to natural health, don’t forget your mind …  We live in a time when there is an abundance of information, and conflicting opinions and recommendations, on what will make us or our children healthier. In this article we will share a new perspective on how you can successfully improve your health and […]


Do vibrations really exist? How are humans affected by vibrations of feelings and food? (Law Of Attraction explained)

How much do you know about vibrations, and how they influence your life? Do you know that everyone can shift frequency to operate on a different vibration – whether it be higher or lower – and your daily life will be changed significantly? Do vibrations really exist? How are humans affected by vibrations of feelings? […]


How to accept your birthing experience – no matter what happens

Becoming a mother opened up a whole new world to me. A world where most conversations revolve around pregnancy, child-birth, hospital choices and birthing classes, healthy (or sick) children, babies and the hours they sleep, challenging trips to the supermarket, daycare, swimming lessons, The Wiggles, and playgroups. As an avid reader and writer dedicated to […]