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33 Ways To Have A Fun Birth - the essential guide to pregnancy and beyond is now here!

33 Ways To Have A Fun Birth

My books have arrived from the international print-house and I can’t describe the feeling of reading the actual hard copy as opposed to the ebook. To hold a novel, flick through the chapters, scan the content, read the poem, imagine what it would be like for my readers to read and then write their own birth stories in the journal at the end… sensational.

I truly feel this book has the capacity to assist so many women during pregnancy and early parenting. I believe it can help in a private healing experience for the reader, and can be an strong pillar to lean on, during what can be an uncertain and uncomfortable time for expecting mums.

Would you like to know how to order a copy for yourself, or for a family member or friend?

Just follow the tabs on this website or say so below and I’ll give you the link to place your order.