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Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food - an essential read for new parents!

Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food

Here it is - Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food, on it's way to Australia and already available around the world on Amazon. 

I can't wait for my new paperback to join my 3 books already in print that encourage mindful parenting and fun education for kids on the important lessons of life - namely, eating delicious, home-made food, and believing in themselves as the creator of magic-filled lives! 

Follow the links on this website to read more about this How-To guide for parents, which complements the picture book "Dusty's Wonder Bug" perfectly.

This book has its very own Facebook page called Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food. Join the community! See if an idea tickles you and gets you into the kitchen to have some fun with your kids. 

And for more photos and ideas on ways to bring your kids into the kitchen, check out my instagram page @jobecker_author.