Words of Encouragement & Intuitive Insight into the power you have within your own life. Set a prime example to your children so they believe in themselves, have a vision, and take steps to live great lives - in support of their own values and dreams, and also in kindness and support to others.

The Law of Attraction message in an illustrated children's book, Max's Bright Fly, is here!

It's a special day as today I have released for sale my latest children's book, entitled "Max's Bright Fly". I'm really happy I have shared this special message in a colourful children's book. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, and want to help your children understand how it works, this book is definitely for you! 

You can read all about it by clicking the link on this webpage, you will be able to add it straight into your shopping basket, and even link through to the Ebook version on Amazon (if iPad is your thing).

Not only does this book feature a brightly illustrated characters and farm setting, but with its messages of finding love in your heart, spreading kindness, and making wishes for your own life and watching your own magic unfold - the law of attraction for kids in an easy, readable, and enjoyable format - this book is sure to take pride of place in your bookshelf and be a favourite to read at bedtime.

Also great for preschools, childcare and playgroups. This is a large-format brightly illustrated children's picture book, written in rhyme, with plenty of opportunity to engage children and start conversations about their own experiences in life.