Joanna Becker – Australian Author

Deciding to homeschool

If you have ever had one of those moments where you questioned yourself and your decisions surrounding your children’s wellbeing, I’ve been there before, too. Mine was on the homeschooling subject, and not because I was thinking I should change my choice – I could see that my boys were thriving and were physically, intelligently and emotionally flourishing. Staying together […]


When can a mum get a day off?

What do I do all week? I guide myself and my little loves, (two boys, aged 4 and 1 respectively), through many important socialisation, stimulation and natural learning activities… – Silkwood School’s Steiner-inspired playgroup – KinderEnergy Musical playgroup – Greystone Farm Steiner family daycare – Hinze Dam Catchment Kids class – Sunrise beach visit and […]