As you know, your inner-source Spark, your spirit, your God, your angels, speak to you in many ways – through nature, in your heart, in meditation, in mindfulness, in fellowship, and through signs that you receive in daily life. Light workers are people you meet who are born with clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient-like abilities and empowered with a special duty to share more of the messages of spirit, God, angels, to those who are yearning for greater truth, meaning, purpose, love and connection in their lives.

You may know of someone who has a slightly higher sense of intuition and can hear spirit in a paranormal way, like I can with the voice of Myste, ArchAngel Michael, and ArchAngel Gabrielle.

I have been a telepathic channeller for Myste for almost 10 years. Although I’d felt spiritually insightful and telepathic from very early childhood, Direct Voice Light Channelling came on very suddenly. After I became a parent – unsurprisingly, with all the fresh life and light energies in my presence (thank you to my children, for the enhanced inspiration, love and clear truth brought about by your births).

To begin with, I had no idea that channelling was even possible for me and I was stunned, enlightened, optimistic, and nervous, about the new development in my life. There began a phenomenal phase of new body sensations I’d never experienced before that were completely mysterious to commonplace life. Such as, a sudden feeling like a vacuum was sucking through the top of my head. Or a sudden urge to lie still, breathe peacefully and enjoy a clear vision of a star-bright, radiating EYE image in between my eyes, accompanied by Buddha-style wisdom messages in a mature, peaceful voice that seemed to reside deep within my whole body especially between the heart and between the ears. I felt like I was coming together with a knowingness that something incredible was emerging from within my self. I realized I could now recognize emotional trauma or elation of people nearby whom I couldn’t even see or hear. I became steadfast in my gut feelings suddenly, without rational explanations yet a distinct feeling I already understood the future and where we needed to be to prepare. There were Angels showing up in my dreams helping me write stories and compose music while I slept. Sometimes my fingers and arms would move on their own into yoga-like positions or feminine, graceful dance moves I was doing without my own conscious control or ability. Some very fun experiences included my hands involuntarily taking a magnet-strength hold to crystals, pulsating like I was on a theme park thrill ride. Once, I wondered what to do, when I couldn’t physically move my arms and fingers out of tai-chi postures during early occasions of channelling Myste’s voice. Moments later, I laughed, because suddenly she said farewell and my body instantly relaxed, and with all knowingness, I was back in my body ready to keep on with my day. I learned that if I were to visualize tree roots or touch a salt lamp, I could ground myself within just a moment or two. I found I could pick and choose when and where I would have these experiences. Of particular fun, Myste would tell me exactly what my family needed from me and themselves, and what I needed from myself for my own well-being, with all the details when, how, where and why, in a succinct, clear, polite phrase that I couldn’t have known how to say so eloquently or efficiently myself even after a decade of professional writing.

Like most new channellers, I had physical and emotional health matters to resolve such as improving certain vitamin intakes and becoming gluten, chemical, additive, pharmacy-medicine and caffeine free, and to adapt to a predominately plants-based diet. This improved my ability to channel clearly and comfortably. All the while Myste’s loving and wise voice came from within, soothing me, “Do not worry so much, there is nothing wrong with you. You are healthy!” Myste drew art and wrote stories through me when I used my left hand; she typed thousands of words on the computer through me when I closed my eyes and surrendered my fingers to the keyboard; and she spoke in an eloquent and sophisticated Italian-style voice when I made myself comfortable, voice recorder on, and asked her to speak through me to the voice recorder so I could listen to the recording afterwards.

I taught myself to go into a trance for a short while, and would re-emerge 30 minutes later with a few pages of unique insight, God-like love and compassion, support, encouragement, and insight into who we are, the origin of life itself, and many other concepts that were beyond my imagination. Not to mention I just loved having a meeting with Myste with her sophisticated vocabulary, Italian-like accent, singing voice, and hands-based energetic healing ability I was absolutely not capable of in my prior “normal” human state.

“Begin to understand, you are not all you can be and neither is your relationship with your friends and family until you can open your heart to all possibilities.”

I created a community, Parenting Energies, under the direct guidance of Myste. She chose the name, and the message “Positive, Healthy, Naturally,” as our platform to share the messages that were flowing into my consciousness on a daily basis for 3 years. I gradually converted the messages to journals and workbooks specifically for new mums to benefit from, which are available in my store.

And, over time, I discovered other people like me and I took comfort in joining a growing tribe of “messengers” on our planet. Fast forward to 2021, and we see many messengers and light workers growing in prevalence and prominence, with more YouTube channels and blogs dedicated to communicating guidance, wisdom and love… serving the masses in what is a dramatic and pivotal time in human life. Messages from source, spirit, angels, and ascended guides are becoming accepted and welcomed.

“I am the voice and living translation tool for you to access the unified and shared collection of mind, spirit and consciousness. I am from the spacial energy field that is not seen by you but is, of course, the natural origin of your human life. There are many different names given to this place and to the voices or personas that originate from this spacial energy field. None of these matter – it is what you learn that matters. It is the feeling that the connection to this place, via whomever, generates within you. The stirring from which your heart connects to the greater good and to the truth of life.” (Myste, 2015)

To enjoy reading and gaining insight from the Direct Light Channellings from Myste, and to welcome me as your coach as you progress through the journal worksheets Myste encouraged me to produce, check out the Parenting Energies course available in my store.