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Parenting Energies: A positive & healthy living business dedicated to assisting young families.

As a Spiritual Counsellor, Healer and Stress Management Facilitator and formally recognized, qualified Meditation Teacher I aim to help mums embrace their intuition and have leadership-quality confidence in their “conscious” family lifestyle, charged by positive thinking, balanced energy and holistic health ideas.

As the concept creator, author, and executive producer of Dusty’s Wonder Bug I had the pleasure of delivering a children’s storybook aimed to promote healthy living to children in a fun & memorable way. Thank you to my friend Bryn Rayfield for his incredible and inventive character design and responsiveness to my art direction based on a collection of my favourite children’s books and personal ideals; you brought this story to life.

Also in my shop: Anytime you’re looking for lovely meditations, classical piano background tunes, children’s cartoon-style publications for raising self-awareness and encouraging personal empowerment, or exclusive channelled spirit-written healthy living journals, you can pop back in here and seee what’s new.

Swing me an email using the contact form if you like to chat in person about all things empowerment, truth, health, connection and laughter.

Have a fabulous 2021!