About Law Of Attraction Mums

Law Of Attraction Mums

There’s nothing like becoming a mum to challenge you, your relationships, and your outlook on life. If you are a mum and have feelings towards your work commitments, relationships, health choices and living arrangements you never had before kids, then this community is for you.

The Law Of Attraction in action

During the time you spend time with us, you will learn how to understand yourself, through your emotions and your intuition, and find the confidence to make changes inwardly so you can self-heal and become a naturally positive parent on the outside.

I will guide you with proven techniques.

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Plus everything you learn here will create a better mindset to lead your kids from the front and teach them how to use the Law Of Attraction too!

Who is Law Of Attraction Mums designed for?

You will be supported no matter who you are – and especially if you are in ‘The Early Parent Years’ – that is pregnancy, child-birth and child-raising.

You can reveal your personal, intuitive answers to these questions, and more:

  • How can I make life easier?
  • How do I use the Law Of Attraction?
  • What do I have to do to have a happier time with my babies/children?
  • How am I responsible for creating my health and happiness?
  • Is there a way to involve my family in positive change and self-healing?
  • How can I follow my intuition?
  • How can I depend on the Law Of Attraction to make long-lasting positive changes?

Your Responsibility to the Law Of Attraction

You are responsible to yourself because you are the centre of your universe. You were born to be apart of life’s progressive transition.

There was no mistake when you were born. Life was not intended to be without you. So don’t act like you are not here.

We are waiting for you to be active in your life and show us that you know you were born… and are alive.

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