Joanna Becker, Australian Wellness Medium-Author

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Teaching our kids how to dream, believe, achieve

Are you a Mum who wants to give her children more?

  • You will never say the “grow up, get a job” line to your kids
  • You know that shutting down emotions and feelings is not the answer
  • You’ve decided which parts of your upbringing will not make the cut for your own parenting, and which parts of your upbringing will inspire you
  • Dreams are important to you and you want your kids to follow their dreams
  • You know all days can be purposeful and driven towards an ideal lifestyle choice
  • People and their environment matter more than most people realise: you know this, and you want to teach this to your kids
  • Contribution and kindness, along with self-love, are values you want to present in a balanced way

My goal in supplying guided meditations and self-help books on this website is two-fold. To help mums find relief from stress and create a clearer, empowered goal for daily life. And to support mums in giving their kids a way to grow up and work for themselves with personal connection to the work that’s taking place, with joy and an abundance mindset.

The ideas and techniques I share and teach arise out of my life experience, certified study as a Meditation Teacher (specialising in parents and children, pre-natal and babies, and meditation for personal development), study for qualified Stress Management Counselling, and from my experience as a clairaudient-medium.

Please enjoy the books and products in my shop.

It’s all about love, peace, joy and consciousness.

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Positions Vacant

I’m searching for 5 women who would like to link arms with me: Mums who are empowered, and are teaching their kids to be empowered to make epic lifestyle choices. 👉Apply here 

What’s involved? Being truthful to your dreams, creating better health for yourself and your kids, 𝐴𝑁𝐷 working online from your laptop to help others do the same. ➡️ You don’t need to have a health background! You just need to have a big heart ❤️ & passion for helping others live their best life …no matter where you live in the world 🌎

When you link arms with me you will be:   given access to our world class training resources   mentored how to create your own online presence   guided towards success so you can reach your goals.

In our community we have like-minded inspired people united around purposeful healthy lives. If you have children, you too will be supported to set an amazing example, raise your children to think outside the box, communicate effectively, have high self worth, and know how to add more value to more people more often.

Our training is offered online in step-by-step tutorials, and in both live and recorded meetings. You can participate from home – or if you choose, fast-track your training with bootcamp weekends held up to 3 times per year on the Gold Coast.

That being sad, this is for MOTIVATED WOMEN ONLY. We have seen 1000’s of women commit to transform their lifestyles through this program. From women quitting their day jobs, spending more time with their kids, choosing to homeschool, supporting their partner in a home-based business, going on more holidays, renovating their homes or even building up a farm … all whilst improving their own health.

➡️➡️ If you’re up for it, apply by clicking here. We’re excited to have you. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉