Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence Program

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Are you searching for a Law of Attraction Self-Help Course, specifically designed just for Mums?

Law of Attraction Mums is all about helping you tune into sound: the thoughts you listen and words you say that guide you in your day to day life as a busy mum.

Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence Program

Create your life consciously harnessing the power of sound and show up with confidence, clarity and your children ... all at the same time!

Too many mums feel trapped and powerless in a life that doesn’t resemble life without (or before) kids. Too many mums feel like they have lost control of their ability to create an income and the body they desire. Too many mums feel powerless in their relationships and seem to glide with the expectations of society, taking on all the peer pressures and energies of others in need around them.

Now it’s time too look after you. To look within, to dive deep, and to use proven tools and strategies based on sound and the Law of Attraction to embrace your inner power, gain confidence, and take action to change your life for the better.

For this reason, this book is an essential daily reference tool. It includes journals, worksheets, affirmations and kind words, to remind you of your special destiny and give you the space you need to explore, learn, and grow into your full self as an empowered woman and mother.

Would you like to understand the connection between your emotions, physical body, and circumstances in your life and how you can potentially live a healthier, happier life with this empowering knowledge?

The Law of Attractions Mum Expanding Confidence Program will provide an education on more effective and fulfilling ways to express and experience life. Your success will be represented by the fulfillment you experience over time … the shine in your eyes, posture and ease of smiling, the gratitude you express for that “moment” when the “penny dropped” and you decided to change something from a place of inspiration.

This workbook will share how to:

  • release past limiting beliefs – the past has passed
  • be present to life and enjoy it more fully
  • walk forward new, and be proud of who you are
  • practise listening to your intuition and let love be your compass
  • know exactly what it is that you want, that is best for yourself and want it wholeheartedly.

MINIMUM 18 MODULES. Each module chapter includes a new concept explanation, your worksheet, and affirmation.

MINIMUM 140 PAGES. A private consultation is available at completion of each module with Joanna Becker, visit Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence Program Inclusions to read more about the Law of Attraction Mums program inclusions (you'll be amazed!).

Joanna Becker is an Australian Author, a certified Meditation Teacher and founder of the online Law Of Attraction Mums program - not to mention the collaboration with the amazing Tribal Wellness Movement and Empowered Women's Project programs run by the amazing Kate Golle and Anthony Golle.

In the Law of Attraction Mums Program you receive this exclusive set of books:

- The Expanding Confidence Program, which is chapter by chapter journaling, affirmations and really improving your perspective of your life, really delving deep into what’s important to you, creating your dreams and following those.

- The Law Of Attraction Mums 365 Day Planner, which is an amazing technique for you to plan what you want in your life, confirm what you want in your life, and set about achieving that with ease and grace.

- The Tribal Wellness Movement online portal includes fabulous content, detox guides, recipes, exercise, not to mention the How To Meditate guide by Joanna Becker.

The Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence Program consultations are FREE for Mums in the Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence program - all you purchase is your Workbook (delivered to your letterbox) and join the Empowered Women's Project.

Law of Attraction Mums: Delivering more value for Law of Attraction Self-Help Courses to Mums

Love a good workbook? Self-help? Personal Development? Journalling? Then you'll LOVE Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence Journals.
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