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The most important house we will ever live in? Our body.

A few years ago we discovered how important it is toΒ take the extra time to learn why we need to eat fresh food that grows in front of our eyes. Since then, I've aimed to teach parents to teach their children that it's simple to grow and eat real food and that it's easy to… Continue reading The most important house we will ever live in? Our body.

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The mum who had a fault and shared it.

Thousands of children around Australia are returning to school this week. It's a time of fresh beginnings, of anxiety, excitement, new friendships and relationships - and not only for the children, because parents are equally feeling the mixed bag of emotions. Parents worry about their children, mostly. But what about ourselves? Do we ever think… Continue reading The mum who had a fault and shared it.

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Steiner, Montessori and Your Child

I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to describing methods of teaching various education philosophies. But it's an area that interests me and I'm learning quickly ... so many people are asking me what the difference is between Montessori and Steiner. If you don't know anything and are looking for a basic parent's-view explanation,… Continue reading Steiner, Montessori and Your Child

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House Matters

We like to promote an energy of respect and gratuity for the goods we have in our life, and continually caring for our materials goes a long way. Perhaps it is because of our attitude of respect, gratuity and flow that we attract many new items to us each week from family, friends and strangers.… Continue reading House Matters